Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in Manuela Giannini was naturally inspired by the artistic and creative effervescence of the city, informally styling her friends. This leads her to study Fashion Design at Estácio de Sá University and to work in fashion production for local TV shows, commercials, and to become the personal stylist for the then-upcoming singer Preta Gil.

In 2002, Manuela took another challenge as the Creative Director of fashion brands Foxton and MIM.

In 2007, she moved to New York to pursue her other passion: Interior Design. She graduated in Interior Design at Parsons The New School.

In 2013 she worked for the Brazilian interior designer André Mellone at Studio Mellone designing residential and commercial projects. In 2015 Manuela brought her Creativity and Passion together and opened her own Interior Design Studio in Soho.

Her style is a mix of Brazil, New York and influences from her favorite trips around the world.

In 2018, she Designed her first Home Collection and founded Giannini Home.

“My inspiration comes in many ways. It can be a color, a period of time, a feeling, a belief. My passion is to create spaces for all the senses, that tell a personal story. Chic is to be Authentic and your Home should be the extension of your Soul – Manuela Giannini Pacheco


Forever Grateful


Forever Grateful


Life, Supernatural force, energy that teaches us, I thank you for allowing me to feel so many emotions, for giving me the opportunity to be free to create, for having a heart to love and a soul to fly.  Thank you for making my dreams come true. Amen.

Preta Gil

I thank you for giving me your trust, my first job and a friendship that was so important throughout my teen years when it all began. Thank you for believing and trusting me since I was a child.

My Mother Cristina

Thank you for making me such a strong girl and woman! I lost you when I was 22 years old. I learned from your mistakes to become a better woman. I learned from your achievements to be an intense person and full of passion.  From your talent, I learned to be creative and dedicated.  You raised me for the world and not simply for a society. Thank you for being a fan of my work and for having trusted my choices. My goal in life was and will always be to make you proud of me.

Aleta St. James

The most special American in the universe and the one who guided me to become who I am today. The person who taught me to be beautiful is to be yourself, it is to be free, and that there are no limits to fly. My affection for you has no end. Thank you for believing in me and in my career in a unique way. Thank you for taking care of me and my dreams.

Marcella Mendes

The best friend. I thank you for having been my inspiration, my idol and my fan, my partner and teammate. Thanks for encouraging me during moments of creative process, drama and transition. You made me never doubt the future. Thank you for loving and accepting me for who I am and for always praising me in the most sincere, truthful and unique way.

Germana & Fernanda

I couldn’t live without you. Thank you for being my mommies sometimes. Thank you for letting me fly and for giving me so much love and support.