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“Chic is to be authentic, and your style should be the extension of your soul. To be cool, casual or chic for any occasion, you only need to unlock your imagination.”

Manuela Giannini


Denim is a timeless staple to make a powerful statement in any season. It is a classical yet functional appeal for everyday situations. While looking for the perfect vintage boyfriend pair of jeans, the Brazilian fashion designer based in New York Manuela Giannini embraced the idea that she could create her own jeans which everyone would feel comfortable in. “I wanted something I could bring to any destination around the world. Something easy and wearable”, she says.

MaBasics debut collection brings effortless styles to become the go-to-everywhere pieces for a capsule wardrobe. Made for all denim lovers, the new must-have items are all vintage-inspired in shapes and a selection of exclusive ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s patterns with a modern touch for a stylish still comfortable look.

Manuela Giannini was born in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, naturally inspired by the artistic and creative effervescence of the city. Her professional background includes fashion production, styling, fashion and interior design. Manuela moved to New York in 2007 to pursue her passion: graduated in Interior Design at Parsons The New School, opened her own studio in Soho and founded Giannini Home, her homeware brand, in 2018. Now, Manuela Giannini mixes Brazil and New York atmospheres to define the style of her new fashion brand, MaBasics, right in the middle of the concrete jungle.

Welcome to MaBasics universe!

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