Windows To the Sky

The New Yorker from Rio launches Giannini Home with an exciting new take on Dinnerware.A Trip to Santa-Fé, New Mexico brought the Vision together for Windows To The Sky, her First Limited Edition Collection.

New Cosmic Energy of colors and shapes as Manifestations from a Beautiful Dream, where you feel loved and at home.

• 12 Magical Spells are Embroidered on Linen Placemats and Napkins that come in 4 colors represented by the Sky,

• Black Moon by the Night, Sky Blue by the Day, Pink by the Moon Eclipses, Electric Green by the Aurora Borealis lights.

• The Stoneware/Dinnerware sets come in 6 pieces and in 2 color variations. White representing Heavens Dreamy Clouds & Water. The Element of Earth and the unique Windows of Santa Fé as the Aqua set.

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