We take great pride in the precision and attention to detail that goes into the manufacturing of our GH dinnerware and tableware products. Manufacturing, to us, is an elaborate art form that requires patience, attention, and creativity from start, until the perfected finish. For our napkins and placemats, starting at yarn, we manage a strict weaving process, embroidering and dying along the way using low-impact dyes that are beneficial for the environment.

While making our Napkins and placements, available in Black Moonlight, Blue Sky, Pink Moon, and Electric Green, our team checks every point of production to ensure the weaving is meeting the standards of our quality certified process.

Obtaining our dyes from natural plants, fused with water for hydration, all of our napkins and placements GH tableware accessories are safe for using. We believe that dining is more than the stoneware dinnerware at the table; it’s about the conversations and experiences shared with our loved ones.

Ceramic Tableware

For our ceramic dinnerware pieces, we carry the “Santa” collection named after a life-changing visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Manuela Giannini knew what she wanted to do with the future of her brand. Available in aqua green and white sky, our top quality stoneware dinnerware package is handcrafted and hand glazed to ensure prime conditions in every part of the elegant manufacturing process.

“We don’t just care about profit and image here – we care about the process by which we make all of our interior designer dinnerware. Therefore, we create all of our napkins, placemats, and tableware products under fair wages and safe working conditions. We provide equitable trade opportunities, skill training, and job development-promoting responsible manufacturing processes. We are a social venture platform that safeguards our commitment to fine elegance in everything that we do,” said Giannini.

Our luxury stoneware and ceramic collection is first put into a hydraulic machine where the structure set. Afterwards, the handmade designer dinnerware sets are dipped multiple times into a durable glaze that gives them their color and veneer which makes sure the chic luxurious pieces are protected and supported for years to come the. Finally Manuela inspects the final products before they are prepared for shipping to your home or dining settings around the world.

Safe for dishwashing, microwaving, and freezing, Giannini Dinnerware complements any kind of interior décor.

For us, the process by which we finish our Windows To The Sky – Limited Edition stoneware table settings is more important than the products themselves. We will only be releasing 300 dinnerware and 100 linens for those interested in fusing the natural elements of America’s Southwest & Chic Soho New York into the character of their home. Dine with grace; converse with wit; and be elegant through authenticity. Much Love, Giannini Home

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9 months ago

Ein guter Blog! Ich werde ein paar von diesen Lesezeichen ..

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